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The first stage of making Hip Hop music a hit is to understand the beats. Beats are basically what makes up most of the song, as you make them you need to be careful. With a complete studio and all the necessary equipment, making a hit can be easy.

us top 10 hip hop hip hop songs Just not too long ago, the former Cash Money record label signee, known to other artists as Young Turk, was released from prison on what had foully appeared to be trumped up felony-related charges upon him and other music artists as of late.

As a Parent, this song just gives me chills. Behind a great beat, a touching melody and ambient keyboards in the background colored with perfectly sung harmony, The story he tells is touching and ultimately tragic. Ed wrote the song for a close friend after her experience with a miscarriage. I still can't understand why this song only made it into the top 30 on the UK A brilliant, bittersweet real-life song that I can only assume was written with love. Genius.

In 1993 after being fired form Uptown he established his own recordings Bad Boy Records, which evolved into his media empire. He later began to produce songs for TLC. He further went on to become a rapper taking the name "Puff Daddy". His debut "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" was number one in Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks. His debut album "No Way Out" won him his Grammy Award for best rap album. Thereon he went to become three-time Grammy Award winning rapper.

us top 10 hip hop songs this week 2022 The truth about rap beat making software is that the sounds that it owns are authentic. A song made from this is "radio worthy", because it sounds as if it has been on the radio before. So never get bad software. Also, you should be extremely aware about it while purchasing. Your music won't sound good, and you may feel like "throwing it out" when you feel that the software is actually ruining it.

top 10 hip hop songs And then I saw the clip. For the first time since King Kapisi's 'Subcranium Feeling', I was able to appreciate a music video by a Pacific Islander not just because the artist was the same color as me. The 'Suamalie' clip had the added impact of a lush Samoa backdrop and a menacing leading man who looked like he meant every sharp-tongued declaration that shot out of his mouth.

This urban clothing line for women was founded by artists that are known for showing women the power they can have through her songs. That performer is Beyonce Knowles. The Houses of Dereon is actually a joint project between her and her family, especially her mother. The styles and ideas are inspired by three generations of women in the family. The name Dereon actually is a tribute to Beyonces grandmother Agnez Dereon.

Ironic isn't it, how hip hop pioneers like KRS and Doug are often unmentioned in a debate for who is deserving of the top seed in the culture? Still Lil Wayne songs are catchy and colorfully accentuated with phrases that will put the listener's mind on stuck.